What is your family like ?

Vous trouverez ci-dessous la vidéo utilisée en classe de 4B pour la séquence « Family ».

En bonus, voici le script de la vidéo : enjoy !

What is your family like ?

It can be two moms, two dads or one mom....

A mommy, and daddy, and mommy, and daddy.. and ...over and over again !

So many combinations, so many combinations

Families are people who love you

I have a huge family

My mom and me... no dads !

I’m adopted, she’s not !

I might have been adopted but I don’t think I was.

Families are forever, no matter what happens, your family’s always gonna be there for you.

A mom, and dad, and kids, and kids, and dad, and mom...

It doesn’t matter if you had two moms, it doesn’t matter if you have two dads, families are families